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Quick Tip #6

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, try this tactic.

Take a break for a few days (3-5) from your specific story.

Each day write for 10-30 minutes about anything but be descriptive. No distractions, no phones, nothing but you and your keyboard or journal. Write about the way the light is coming through the window, the sound of your neighbor’s dog, the scratch on your desk. Don’t write a story, just write.

By the time three days has passed, your brain will have gathered a lot of imagery that will hopefully kick start your story.

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Story Prompt #11

While you helped your grandpa clean out his attic, you discover an ornate dagger. Before you get a chance to ask him about it, it begins to glow. A man appears and tells you he’s been waiting for the worthy one to touch the dagger.


Any stories from this prompt submitted using my contacts page have a chance to be published on my site with a link to your page. Have fun writing!

Tips and Tricks, writing

Quick Tip # 5

Don’t just tell us what eye color they had. That won’t give us very much insight into the character.

Instead tell us if their eyes are shifty, soft, wrinkled, deep, watery, bloodshot, or other descriptors.

This will let us know more about them as a character and leads you into an easy way to either forecast action or explain personality.