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Tahn: A book review of the exciting novel by LA Kelly

I picked Tahn out of the many books my husband owned and sat down to read it. I needed something that promised a good love story, some heart-warming moments, phenomenal action, and faith that meant something. Tahn delivers on all accounts. Set in a medieval world, we meet Tahn, a legendary mercenary. As he kidnaps… Continue reading Tahn: A book review of the exciting novel by LA Kelly

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Quick Tip #12

When starting a story, write at least five small anecdotes about your main character that are not related to the plot and may never be used within your story.  This allows you to get to know your character better and they will come off the page as a much more well-rounded character even if you… Continue reading Quick Tip #12

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Easter Wings: A poem

Enjoy this poem regarding the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus suffered death on our behalf, death we deserved as sinful beings. He was brought back to life three days later and offers freely a gift of eternal life for all. Learn more about that here. Easter Wings BY GEORGE HERBERT Lord, who createdst man… Continue reading Easter Wings: A poem