Are you looking to make your creative work, essay, letter, important document, or other pieces of writing shine? I’m here to make that happen.

As a graduate of the University of Michigan’s English department, I specialize in creative works of any length but have experience with a large variety of work. I must warn you, I am not a copy-editor. This means if you are simply looking for someone to go over a piece of work and tell you where the commas go, I’m not your girl.

What my services include is sentence structure, overarching flow, style, minor grammatical fixes, and more.

For essays, legal documents, and other business-related documents, I will provide any expertise on information I may have, as well as an outside perspective.

For creative works, I provide feedback on the story, play, poem, etc. as well as my views on themes, character creation, world building, and other creative features. If there are particular aspects that you would like me to focus on or give feedback for, please include that in a cover page of your manuscript.

I want to be affordable so that anyone who is interested in polishing a piece of writing can do so. Please reach out in the form below for a quote. Include your contact information, a two-three sentence explanation of your piece, your genre, your word -count, any timeline and/or deadlines, and your current budget.