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FREE Writing Consultations For a Limited Time

Interested in starting a novel, short story, blog, essay, thesis? But you're just not quite sure how? Or do you have a few questions about a piece of writing you're working on? Want to go over title ideas? Flesh out a character? Writing help of any kind? Thanks to the current state of things, I… Continue reading FREE Writing Consultations For a Limited Time

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Diamonds: A Flash Fiction Romance Story

They slipped out. Those simple words that were never meant to see daylight, let alone parade out in to it. Like a wet glass in a soapy hand, they slipped and shattered into a million pieces. There was no way to ever undo it and there was no way I could ever piece it back… Continue reading Diamonds: A Flash Fiction Romance Story

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5 Tips for Making and Maintaining a Writing Schedule

Writing isn't easy. I think most writers will agree with me. Some days, words seem to fly from your fingers and other times, you stare at the screen blankly. I get it. One of the best ways to combat that is to have some sort of writing schedule. Now, this should be extremely customizable to… Continue reading 5 Tips for Making and Maintaining a Writing Schedule

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Twisted Tales: Writing a Fairy Tale

The classic fairy tales we grew up with have a place inside my heart. I love them and I've really come to love the new renditions of them in twisted tales. Some of my favorites include The Lunar Chronicles, Beastly, Spinning Silver, and Ella Enchanted. They each tell tales we have heard before, but they… Continue reading Twisted Tales: Writing a Fairy Tale

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Quick Tip #4

If you get stuck in your story, ask yourself three questions. 1) “What does my character want?” 2) “How can I make that difficult to achieve?” 3) ”What are the consequences if they don’t get it?” Proceed to make each answer more intense than the last time you asked and go from there.

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Story Prompt #6

You are the first person to travel to the moon in fifty years. You arrive and all forms of communication with Earth drop. You step out and you’re greeted by a large group in spacesuits. One steps forward and looks at you curiously. “You escaped, too?”   Any stories from this prompt submitted using my… Continue reading Story Prompt #6

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Submit Your Short Story Today!

Do you love to write and want to see your work in print? Want to be able to write on your resume that you've been published as an author? I would love to help you! Submit a short story based on any prompt previously posted and you'll be entered for a chance to be published… Continue reading Submit Your Short Story Today!

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Ten Tools To Help You Write the Next Bestseller

Every writer wants to write the next bestseller but many lack the tools beyond natural talent. Here are the top ten items I'd recommend to help you create a work of art.   A lamp to help your eyes You most likely spend a large amount of time staring at a computer screen. Take care… Continue reading Ten Tools To Help You Write the Next Bestseller